Mystery in Cincinnati: The Case of the Unknown Cylinders


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They don’t look like regular cell towers – they look like cylinders, and they have the people of Cincinnati, Ohio worried. WCPO-TV Cincinnati spoke with local residents about their concerns. The unfamiliar look of the structures and potential 5G health hazards were at the top of the list.

 Unlike the lattice towers or masquerading monopines, the tall, slim cylinders do not look like traditional cell phone towers. 

“It looks like a big heater to me,” said tavern owner Dean Beckett, “I have no idea what it is.” Hamilton County officials weren’t sure what it was either, but pointed out that the tower was in a right-of-way near the highway and not under their jurisdiction. “The ownership is a big question,” Hamilton County Engineer Ted Hubbard agreed. “And I have asked that. We are having a hard time finding out who actually owns it.” 

Surprise! It’s Verizon! David Weissman, a Verizon spokesperson, confirmed that the mysterious towers were installed by the carrier. He added that Cincinnati is one of 30 cities slated for a 5G rollout. However, his comment that the current tower installation is “not Verizon equipment” keeps the matter somewhat clouded.

 Despite repeated reassurances that cell tower radiation exposure is comparable to kitchen microwave exposure, alarmed residents have organized to protest possible health risks of the new towers. An online group has been created to keep worried citizens in communication with each other: The Southwest Ohio for Reasonable Technology Facebook page, a “non-partisan group that supports technologies that protect the health, safety, security, privacy rights, and property values of all citizens.”  

September 25, 2019

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