NAB’s Gordon Smith Avoids Stroke


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UPDATE NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith says he did not have a stroke, as initially feared and his prognosis is very encouraging. Smith was in his Washington, D.C., condo last Tuesday evening when he began to feel sick. He was transported to Georgetown University Hospital, according to 

In a note from Smith distributed by NAB Thursday evening, the former two-term Senator said doctors found he did have a blood clot, and “quick medical intervention” averted a stroke. “As a result, my prognosis is extremely positive and there is no permanent damage,” wrote Smith. He thanked his wife, Sharon, “for immediately jumping into action and getting me the medical attention needed in order to have this outcome.”

Smith also thanked NAB staffers Sue Keenom and Karen Wright for their help getting information to his medical team, “and to the doctors and nurses who took such great care of me.”  

Smith thanked everyone for their outpouring of support, saying prayers and kind words  “have meant the world to me and my family…and to  say I am humbled is an understatement. I look forward to seeing you all soon – if only on Zoom.” 

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