NATE Commends the U.S. Senate on Passage of FAA Reauthorization Legislation


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droneThe National Association of Tower Erectors on Friday commended the U.S. Senate for enhancing education and safety in the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) as part of legislation reauthorizing the FAA.

“NATE would like to thank Senators Thune, Ayotte, Nelson, and Cantwell and their colleagues in the United States Senate for passing this important FAA reauthorization legislation,” said Executive Director Todd Schlekeway. “The Association is extremely interested in the commercial application of Unmanned Aerial Systems technology. UAS can complement and enhance the safety and well-being of communication tower workers by minimizing the risks associated with climber fatigue, weather, and distractions, while reducing repetitive stress injuries. Moreover, they can cut costs and promote efficiency, while assisting with tower inspections and surveys,” added Schlekeway.

Schlekeway also noted that NATE has been working closely with the OSHA, the FCC, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration on a variety of tower industry safety initiatives. NATE Chairman Jim Tracy of Legacy Telecommunications, Inc. in Burley, Washington, also praised the U.S. Senate, particularly for provisions requiring all users of UAS to not only be familiar with federal rules, but also, to be required to pass a safety test. “The bill’s emphasis on education and safety in the use of technology is consistent with NATE’s status as a national leader in developing and implementing tower safety programs,” Tracy said.

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