NATE Debuts Climber Connection Volume 4 Video Series at NATE UNITE 2019


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NATE Unite 2019

NATE today unveiled a video highlighting the Tower Family Foundation non-profit organization as the first to debut in Volume 4 of the Association’s Climber Connection series. The video release took place live at the NATE UNITE 2019 Keynote Luncheon in Grapevine, Texas. The NATE UNITE 2019 Keynote Luncheon, sponsored by SBA Communications, included a keynote address from actor and businessman Willie Robertson, best known for his appearances on the reality TV series Duck Dynasty.

The video, entitled “Tower Family Foundation: A Helping Hand” focuses on the incredible impact the foundation plays in providing financial resources and scholarships to industry workers and families in the aftermath of a work-related accident or fatality. Specifically, the video includes the touching personal story of how the Tower Family Foundation helped tower climber Randy Smith from Rolla, Kansas after he experienced an injury while working at a tower site in rural Kansas.

“This video tugs at the heart strings and is a powerful narrative of how the Tower Family Foundation steps in to support workers and families at their most vulnerable stage,” said Foundation President Jim Tracy from Burley, Washington. “Randy’s story is similar to the countless other workers and families the Foundation has supported since our inception in 2014 and we look forward to continuing to provide this support with the help of the industry moving forward,” added Tracy.

Click HERE to watch the Tower Family Foundation Video. Companies and individuals are encouraged to visit the Tower Family Foundation’s website at to learn more about the organization and make an online contribution.

February 6, 2019   

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