NATE Hosts Webinar September 27 on Compliance with OSHA and ADA


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Tuesday, September 27 at 11a.m. Eastern, NATE is hosting a webinar titled “ADA and Safety: How to Assure that Your Company Is Compliant with Both.” Former Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Edwin Foulke, Jr., will conduct the event.

One of the challenges employers face when they try to meet both the requirements for OSHA/safety and ADA regulations is compliance in one area may put you into conflict with another set of regs. Say, for example, you terminate an employee who has consistently failed to operate his machinery in a safe manner, despite repeated warnings and training. But you didn’t know a protected medical condition is behind his poor performance. That means you had a duty to work towards a reasonable accommodation instead of showing him the door. It’s an understandable mistake, but one that can cost your company.  

The webinar will provide participants with an understanding of employee accommodation requirements under ADA, strategies to make sure both the workplace safety and ADA programs are aligned in areas such as return-to-work, drug and alcohol use, and modified work, and legal approaches to consider when things get complicated.

This free, one-hour webinar will examine:

  • How recent changes to the ADA have increased your accommodation obligations;
  • What to do when you suspect a protected health condition is behind an employee’s poor safety performance;
  • How the ADA can affect your return-to-work and modified duty policies and procedures;
  • When it is a good idea to call in outside counsel rather than trying to handle a potentially explosive situation on your own; and
  • How to handle the tricky issue of employee drug and alcohol use in an ADA-compliant manner.   Click here to register

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