NATE Makes Safety Week Proclamation with Tower Tech Appreciation Day


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NATE today unveiled a commemoration declaring today, Wednesday, May 8, as Tower Technician Appreciation Day.  For the third consecutive year, a day has been set aside by NATE to coincide with OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down Week in order to pay tribute to the important work that tower technicians conduct on a daily basis to enable a mobile society.

“NATE is excited to declare today Tower Technician Appreciation Day in order to honor the men and women who make mobility possible by connecting American citizens, businesses and industries,” said NATE Chairman Jimmy Miller.

Although not printed in its entirety here, the document highlighted many of the associations key talking points: 

  • “Whereas communications tower technicians are the backbone of the wireless ecosystem and the work performed by tower technicians is of critical importance to homeland security, public safety, national competitiveness, expansion of broadband and our nation’s vital communications capabilities
  • Whereas tower technicians have been uniquely responsible for developing and maintaining every generation of wireless networks and their skills and productivity are essential to ensure that the United States wins the global race to 5G;
  • Whereas tower technicians are committed to closing the digital divide and are currently on the front lines deploying the fiber and infrastructure required in order to bring high-speed broadband to low-income and rural communities in the United States;
  • Whereas tower technicians play an instrumental role in restoring networks and related communications infrastructure in the aftermath of natural disasters and weather catastrophes;
  • Whereas tower technicians are the “zero responders” whom are called upon by 911 and public safety entities when emergency communication networks need to be restored, and will be called upon to support the deployment of FirstNet, the country’s first nationwide, interoperable broadband network devoted exclusively to public safety that will ultimately help save lives and provide law enforcement officials, fire fighters and EMS personnel with the critical communications capabilities and resources they need to respond to emergency situations;
  • Whereas tower technicians are performing essential tower work resulting from the broadcast repack by safely deploying thousands of new antennas and wireless equipment on broadcast and cellular communications structures located across the United States;
  • Whereas tower technicians possess diverse skill-sets that enable them to conduct small cell installations on utility poles, street lights, street furniture and small structures located in both urban areas and in highway right-of-ways;

Be it resolved that the National Association of Tower Erectors hereby declares Wednesday, May 8, 2019, as Tower Technician Appreciation Day to honor the men and women who deploy and maintain America’s communications infrastructure.”

Click here to see the full proclamation.

May 8, 2019

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