NaturChem Keeps Tower Sites in Trim and Working Order

Vegetation management is an issue affecting every telecommunications company, but there are few solutions offered. According to NaturChem’s Normen Pentolino, “That makes our company unique.” NaturChem has been operating since 1987, and has specifically focused on developing relationships with tower companies. Pentolino is the General Manager of the Towers Department, and has worked with the business for seven years. The towers department was created to specialize in service to communication sites and clients like Crown Castle and American Tower.

Pentolino described NaturChem’s beginnings as simple. “It started with one guy with a spray rig in the back of station wagon.” Now, technicians operate with highly sophisticated equipment across the nation, concentrated heavily in the Southeast. The company offers many services, including: tree removal, mowing, encroaching brush and limb control, herbicide prescriptions, and access road maintenance and repair. Vegetation encroachment gives snakes cover to get close to the towers, and puts inspectors and climbers in danger.  

Pentolino stated it is important to keep vegetation away from guyed wires and other equipment. Vegetation is a fire hazard, and plants growing on guyed wires will cause them to corrode. It is best to start managing the property immediately before complications appear. “Most people don’t call until its 911, or there is a problem with code enforcement.” On-site visits are performed to identify issues, and workers are equipped to handle situations immediately. A schedule is created to maintain the site, and multiple visits establish a regimen to upkeep every location.  

Services include:
Professional herbicide prescriptions tailored for your geographical location
-Mowing with growth regulation & selective weeding
-Tree removal
-Control of encroaching brush and limbs
-Ornamental pruning
-Inspection reports
-Electronic invoicing
-Access roadbed vegetation control
-Access road maintenance and repair
-Weather proof date-tagging
-Erosion repairs
-Hydro seeding
-Landscaping design and planting

The result according to Pentolino: “We provide you with a vegetation management plan, so you don’t have to worry about it.” For more information, visit NaturChem’s website.

By Braden Hall

March 10, 2017   


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