Naugatuck In a Safer Place Thanks to New Emergency System


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Naugatuck (CT) borough officials plan to install four new radio antennas, two for the police department and one each for the fire and public works departments. The antennas, aimed at reducing dead zones, will be housed on a new tower under construction by Tarpon Towers, reported the Citizen’s News.

Anticipated completion of the tower is slated for April, according to Assistant Fire Chief Walter Seaman, who is coordinating the project to upgrade equipment. “The main goal of the project is to increase radio coverage,” Seaman said.

According to Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess, the project will enable emergency personnel to communicate during emergencies across a greater area efficiently. “This upgrade is long overdue and is critical in order to protect our emergency service workers,” Hess said. 

Currently, communication is generally poor, said Public Works Director James Stewart. In addition, last August, both the fire and police departments lost radio communication capabilities during Tropical Storm Isaias, reported the News. All five tower sites across the borough went down, said Seaman, and they had to rely on radios from the state. 

The project’s total estimated cost is $191,022, Controller Allyson Bruce said, with $31,677 already allocated in the borough’s budget; this will cover expenses associated with the tower site, the generator, and maintenance. The public works upgrade cost is $55,866, covered by fees collected through the town clerk’s office, Bruce added.

The fire and police departments’ upgrades will cost $99,082 and be offset by allocating a portion of the monthly lease payments paid by Tarpon Towers, reported the News. $700 of the $1,530 monthly lease fee will go towards repayment. 

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