Net Neutrality Protesters Harass Pai at Home

UPDATE FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on Monday spoke out against Net Neutrality activists who protested in front of his home. Signs which name his children, “cross[es] a line,” he told Fox & Friends.

Inside Towers reported last week, Pai announced the proposal to eliminate the 2015 Net Neutrality changes will be on the FCC’s December 14 agenda for a vote.

In 2015, under then-Chairman Tom Wheeler, the FCC reclassified the internet from an information service to a utility in which ISPs must treat all internet traffic the same, with no fast or slow speed lanes. This May, the FCC voted 3-2 to begin the process to rollback the change with heavy telecom industry support.

The announcement set off a firestorm of reaction. Activists put up cardboard signs that ask if “this is the world Pai wants his children to inherit.” One sign reads, “They will come to know the truth. Dad murdered democracy in cold blood.” Neighbor Brendan Bordelon tweeted the photos.  

Pai told Fox& Friends, “families…should remain out” of activism and he wants them to “stop harassing us at our homes.” He said the action was “nerve-wracking, especially for my wife who’s not involved in this space.”

A reminder from Free Press President/CEO Craig Aaron on Twitter states: “If you are sending racist messages to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, mocking his name, heritage or family, we don’t want you in this #NetNeutrality fight.”

November 28, 2017                               


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