New 3M Conceal Film Almost Makes Your Tower Disappear


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30015-CMD_Conceal_Film_ECF_8533 (1)

Just like the cloaking device on Star Trek, 3M has come up with a way to disguise cell towers. That matters for carriers looking for faster site acquisition and less opposition to new structures.

The new 3M Conceal Film adheres to antennas and cell site equipment with no impact on RF performance and no signal degradation, according to the manufacturer.

Conceal Film is a new generation of the Minnesota-based company’s high-performance, non-metallic reflective film technology. Reflective over the full visible spectrum and capable of RF transmission into the microwave range, the film is formulated with an adhesive backing that provides long life in outdoor environments and ultraviolet irradiance stability.

The film is free of metal and its alternating polymeric layers reflect visible light; it’s initially repositionable and bubble-free using a dry application method.

Many cell site expansion projects stall during negotiations involving project planners and city government. Debates over land use and visual aesthetics are common, and can cost developers and carriers valuable time and resources during the expansion process. 3M says its new product can provide residents with connectivity without compromising visual appeal.

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