New Cell Tower Regulations “Stand” in City Code


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Stanwood’s Planning Commission approved the adoption of changes in city code to study new cell tower regulation details, including rule changes to protect design and right-of-way standards.

The ordinances set design standards that include the following: cell tower equipment can’t have a generator or backup battery power, which can become a noise issue; equipment installed on existing lamp poles must match color and material; equipment is limited to one per pole; conduit, wires, mounting brackets and other hardware must be hidden from view; freestanding or standalone poles must be a minimum of 250 feet from other free standing poles, with existing streetlights and utility poles being exempt.

The Stanwood Camano News reported the FCC required cities and counties to adopt certain rules by January 14, for wireless communications, clearing the way for 5G technology in the area.

According to Community Development Director Patricia Love, “As technology changes and federal regulations change, the city’s doing a good job of keeping up.” Over the past few months, Love has been working with city staff to draft the new ordinance amendments that work the required changes into Stanwood city code, since 5G requires more small cells. Additionally, federal law requires the city to review applications in 60 days, reported the News.  Comments? Email Us.

January 17, 2019

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