New Hampshire Town Allows For ‘Spec’ Tower


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Hooksett has snagged a new cell tower thanks to a unanimous vote in favor of a special exception granted by the town’s Zoning Board, reports New Hampshire Union Leader.  The location on the Londonderry Turnpike is zoned as commercial, which had prevented Varsity Wireless from installing a 140-ft tower to improve cell service. It is anticipated that the Planning Board will also approve construction plans. 

There are currently four similar towers in Hooksett operating on the Sprint network. This would be the first tower for Varsity.

A balloon test in October checked the visual impact of a new tower on the Londonderry Turnpike parcel.  Varsity’s Engineering Manager, James Donahue, said that no area residents have come out to complain against the tower. He views this as proof that the people of Hooksett are in favor of the new structure and that the local topography, responsible for the poor connectivity, would be alleviated by the fifth tower. 

Although new carriers have not yet flocked to claim tower space, Donahue explains why his company’s willingness to build an additional tower will benefit other carriers.  “If companies like us are out there doing it, it preserves their capital so they can spend more money on their switching equipment and things like that as opposed to real estate costs. We’re sort of like a real estate developer, but instead of building an office building and getting tenants, we build a tower and we try to get AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon on there.”  Comments? Email Us.

January 3, 2019     

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