New Oscilloscope Doubles Maximum Bandwidth to 16 GHz


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Test and measurement equipment manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz introduced a new 13 GHz and 16 GHz model oscilloscope that is now scalable from the 4 GHz minimum up to the full 16 GHz bandwidth, according to Guido Schulze, Product Manager/Oscilloscopes. 

“Additional new highlights are powerful debugging functions such as the high-speed serial pattern trigger using hardware-based clock-data-recovery up to 16 Gbps, or the DDR4 signal integrity and compliance test,” Schulze said. “The R&S RTP oscilloscope now also provides time domain reflection (TDR) and transmission (TDT) analysis to characterize and debug signal paths.”

The company said the models support all functions up to 8 GHz, including the high acquisition and processing rate, and realtime de-embedding. The bandwidth of the digital trigger is extended to 16 GHz to provide precision for detecting very small and intermittent signals. The R&S RTP triggers on realtime de-embedded signals and supports all trigger types — including pulse width, setup and hold, or runt, up to the full instrument bandwidth, Schulze said. He added the device can be applicable to many industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial and telecommunications. 

“It is ideal for debugging embedded electronic designs including high-speed buses, such as USB, PCI Express, MIPI or DDR memory interfaces, multi-channel RF interfaces (radio or radar), complex power management units, and even simple control and programming buses such as I2C, and SPI,” Schulze explained. “It’s the only instrument on the market that compensates for transmission loss from the signal source to the oscilloscope in real-time.”

November 13, 2019             

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