New Platform Uses AI ML to Speed 5G Cell Site Deployment, Efficiency


Verizon and Cellwize have collaborated on a new platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to speed the deployment of Verizon 5G sites and simplify how apps are developed for the Verizon network. 

The introduction of CHIME, Cellwize’s RAN automation platform, advances the use of machine learning algorithms on a next generation, virtualized and vendor agnostic platform; it helps pre-determine the most efficient design for a new cell site. Design parameters include how to identify the cell site when connecting customers to the internet, which nearby sites to connect with when customers are making calls or sending messages, and how to create the fastest connections for customers. 

“Networks use several infrastructure vendors, each with its own code. By creating an open RAN application platform, developers no longer have to learn individual vendor codes, or keep up with changes in vendors’ distinct codes to develop for our network,” said Verizon VP Planning Bill Stone.

Developers that will benefit from this platform are working on innovations that will help automate the network, deliver data insights, use AI/ML to model capital expenditure plans, improve network performance, or help identify and eliminate interference.

“Standards bodies are working on standardizing this kind of platform for the entire industry,” said Stone. “The work we are doing with Cellwize will help push those industry standards forward and will provide valuable insights as we work to make it easier for developers to innovate and drive new technology improvements for the industry.”

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