New Spectrum Exchange Connects PAL Licensees with Carriers


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Federated Wireless, yesterday announced availability of its Spectrum Exchange, which enables Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) Priority Access License (PAL) holders to lease under-utilized spectrum to third parties to supplement General Authorized Access availability. The Spectrum Exchange was organized to provide an automated portal that gives organizations access to dedicated spectrum without the need for direct engagement with the FCC.  

The Spectrum Exchange enables PAL holders to monetize unused CBRS spectrum while enabling non PAL holders to take advantage of scalable, flexible CBRS connectivity. Lessors can publish pricing, terms, and location options; view and transact with potential lessees; receive instant payment for executed transactions and maintain control of leasing terms. It is designed to serve as an expediter for lessees such as local or regional service providers who need additional spectrum to increase availability; universities, utilities and municipalities wishing to deploy private networks; and stadiums, outdoor venues and other organizations who need more spectrum temporarily for high-capacity and high-density events. Federated Wireless is calling it “the first secondary marketplace for CBRS spectrum.” 

“The Federated Wireless Spectrum Exchange gives us and PAL holders the best of both worlds, allowing them to monetize spectrum they acquired through their PALs and giving us and our customers the spectrum we need, when we need it,” said Frontier Communication’s Director of Wireless Architect Engineering Carlos Cardona. “This will greatly accelerate 5G services to market, ensuring that end-users have the highest-quality wireless experiences, and helping the U.S. maintain its lead in global 5G deployments.” 

The Spectrum Exchange uses Light Touch API technology designed to eliminate the need to file documents and wait for approval from the FCC, for those wishing to lease spectrum from PAL holders. 

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