New Study Looks at Consumer Awareness, Interest in WiFi 6


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iGR, a market research consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile industry, released a report entitled WiFi 6: U.S. Mobile Consumers’ Awareness and Interest, that measures awareness of and interest in WiFi 6 using data from a survey of U.S. mobile consumers. WiFi 6 may be readily available, but do U.S. mobile consumers know this or care?    

As the latest generation of WiFi, WiFi 6, provides higher data rates and improved performance, especially in environments with many connected devices. The WiFi 6 standard was finalized in September 2019, and there are now many WiFi 6-capable products available to U.S. consumers.  

“For those U.S. consumers who are interested, they can have WiFi 6 in their homes by acquiring a WiFi 6 router and WiFi 6-capable end user devices,” said iGR President/Founder Iain Gillott. “We wanted to quantify and identify who those most interested U.S. consumers might be.”  

iGR’s market study looks at U.S. consumers’ awareness of WiFi 6 and their likelihood to upgrade, using results from the company’s October 2020 survey of over 1,000 U.S. mobile consumers. All results are further analyzed according to many demographic variables in order to identify those that are most aware and likely to upgrade.

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