NIMBY’s Aren’t Just in the U.S. as Idyllic African Shore Town Can Attest


Just as some neighbors and residents in the U.S. oppose towers, so, it seems, do people all over the world. The South Coast Sun reported that residents in the small resort town of Warner Beach in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa are up in arms about a proposed 100-foot cell tower.

Residents are concerned with maintaining the seaside village ambiance, property devaluation, and the potential health risks for both the young and old associated with a tower. Craig Upton, a nearby resident, noted, “The mast construction and base station is going to negatively impact the natural feel, aesthetics of the neighborhood and skyline. Our town, as described on the web, is somewhat of a village. It has that old seaside charm, all of which will certainly change if we continue to litter it with communication towers.”  

According to Niki Moore of The National Association Against Cell Masts (NAACM), “This is not about better service or connectivity for customers. This is about introducing fancy new technology for which the cellular companies can charge more. The problem is, this technology has been wholly untested on humans and the environment.”

Additionally, Chairman of the CCPO board of directors Albert Swart, explained a local authority cannot approve plans that trigger any disqualifying factors when it comes to towers. These include:

  • The area in which it is to be erected will probably or in fact be disfigured thereby;
  • It will probably or in fact be unsightly or objectionable;
  • It will probably or in fact derogate from the value of adjoining or neighboring properties;
  • It will probably or in fact be dangerous to life or property.
  • It demonstrates that it is not only the landowner’s right of ownership which must be taken into account but also the rights of owners of neighboring properties which may be adversely affected by the erection of a tower authorized by the approval of the plans in circumstances where they were not afforded a hearing.

“Therefore, it is imperative for the community to stand together and lodge their objections in order to show the local authority that the tower will definitely trigger the disqualifying factors referred to,” Swart explained.

Environmental consultants and local estate agents are among those who will give presentations at a meeting about the tower’s impact on the area and its residents, reported the Sun. Many objections have already been lodged and petitions signed opposing the project.

July 3, 2018

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