No Love For 5G in Loveland


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Global Protest Day is on the calendar for September 26, and Anti-5G forces have a “celebration” planned. Protesters in Colorado have plans to form a human chain, linked by a 1,000-foot-long piece of telephone wire, on their march to Lake Loveland, reports the Loveland Reporter-Herald. The demonstration is envisioned as an expression of the participants’ opposition to the rollout of 5G. Organizer David Goldberg said the telephone wire shows that “wired can be cool, too” and that wireless technology is not the only option. 

Goldberg is joined by members of 5G Colorado Action in believing that 5G represents a danger to public health. “It looks very innocuous when you see it on the commercials, that it’s going to be faster and better, but at what cost?” Goldberg asked. 

“I actually gave up my cell phone service today,” he told the Reporter-Herald

The group’s beliefs run counter to statements issued by coalitions like the World Health Organization and Food and Drug Administration that have found no health risks associated with 5G radio emisions. Even the American Cancer Society has stated that there is not evidence to suggest that exposure to 5G presents a danger to humans.

The event, booked for 10 a.m. on Saturday at a gathering point on 1440 N. Lincoln Avenue, will feature speakers and petitions. Goldberg hopes to “raise awareness within our local community,” adding, “5G is going to have a scope that’s so much greater than what’s already out there.” 

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