No to Tower but a “Monopine” is Fine, Says Texas Town of Conroe


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Most people may not notice the cell tower off Wilson Road in Conroe, and that is exactly what the City Council had hoped. The 100-foot “monopine” is a compromise between the city and North Carolina-based Eco-Site who installed the $38,000 tower for T-Mobile, reports the Conroe Courier.

“No city wants to have an abundance of cell towers sticking up everywhere; but on the other hand, we do not want to be the city where cellular service is substandard,” Director of Community Development Nancy Mikeska told the Courier.  “The camouflage struck a balance that serves both concerns. Concealing the tower was a specific directive from the council. I think the end result is better than everyone involved could have imagined.” 

The council originally said “no” to Eco-Site’s tower permit but negotiations continued until a more scenic-friendly solution was found.

“Absolutely it satisfies our concerns,” Councilman Duke Coon told the Courier. “Hopefully this will be something the council will adopt moving forward. We are going to give this more study. This is just one of those success stories,” Coon said.

In addition to allowing the installation of the tower, Mikeska said, the council unanimously approved changes to its ordinance on telecommunications, including giving the council final authority on all permits for cell towers, and increased the test fall radius on towers to 800 feet, regardless of height.

December 9, 2016

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