Nokia to Protect DISH Network Servings


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DISH has announced that it has chosen Nokia NetGuard to help support its new cloud-native, Open RAN-based 5G wireless network, reports The security software will be employed to protect 5G network slices, allowing its clients to operate in a safe environment. In its announcement, DISH stated that the partnership with Nokia will help it quickly identify and address potential security risks with a range of automated tools and extended analytics.

The slice-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are the key to Nokia NetGuard will allow DISH to quickly zero in on potential cyber problems. The SLA precision will be able to find and fix issues within the cyber environment with minimal human involvement.

“Nokia is pleased to have been selected by DISH to secure its products and services,” said Raghav Saghal, Nokia Cloud and Network Service President, “We recognize DISH’s need to support its network assets and customers in a fully secure way. Nokia´s NetGuard security operations solutions are built for the new 5G architecture and to meet the performance demands of DISH’s cloud-native network.”

“Secure network slicing is a key differentiator of DISH’s 5G network,” stated DISH’s Chief Network Operator, Marc Rouanne, “And as we deliver these capabilities to our customers, we will provide a new level of security for their services. Nokia delivers a suite of security tools needed to help our customers unleash the power of network slicing, giving them the security, speed and control they require for their businesses,” he added. 

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