Northeast Wireless Safety Summit to Add Eric LeGrand to Program

James Weiss, CEO of Turnkey Safety Solutions who is putting on the October 18 Northeast Wireless Safety Summit (NEWSS) in Fairfield, NJ announced that Eric LeGrand from Rutgers University will anchor the afternoon Keynote at this year’s show. Eric’s story of tragedy and triumph touches everyone that he comes into contact with.

Faith. Determination. Inspiration. This is the foundation on which Eric LeGrand’s life is currently shaped. His career as a motivational speaker and sports analyst might strike others as overwhelming, but to LeGrand it’s all part of his driving purpose. During his tenure at Rutgers University in 2010, he enjoyed playing the game of football as a defensive tackle. But after a severe spinal injury (from an intense collision during a game at MetLife Stadium), which dramatically changed his life, LeGrand found himself wondering if he’d ever recapture that kind of success off the field.

LeGrand’s keynote will be sponsored by Subcarrier Communications. 

In addition, Weiss announced that the morning keynote speech will be delivered by the dynamic Scott “HURLER” Weaver. Lt. Col. Weaver is a third-generation pilot and aviation historian with over 2,600 hours of instructor and fighter time. He was a T38 Talon Instructor at Vance AFB, Oklahoma and later went on to fly as an F16 Falcon Fighter pilot at Hahn Air Base, West Germany and Andrews AFB, Maryland.  

Hurler is a combat tested fighter pilot who authored the book The Pilots of Thunderbird Field. The book not only encompasses 60+ years of aviation history, but also many of Never Fly Solo concepts of mutual support, commitment, preparation, mentorship and teamwork. He will be doing the Morning Keynote Address beginning at 9:30 a.m.

This Morning Keynote is sponsored by ENSA, an at-height training company who will be providing an on site equipment demonstration program at the show. They will be showing what the effects of on- site hazards can be and how to avoid them.

For more information please contact Aaron Friedman at Fifth Gen Media:

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October 11, 2017   


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