NOT Like a Virgin, UK Carrier Ups Rates For a Second Time This Year


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For the second time within one year, Virgin Media has raised its prices, reports The Inquirer. On average, Virgin subscribers will end up pay $50 more this year, though the rate could be as high as $67 for some people.

Liberty Communications, the new owner of Virgin Media UK, has said the increase represents the cost of doing business.

 However, the rate hikes are notably above the prevailing rate of inflation. New rates will take effect in September and October.

In the United Kingdom, consumer protections dictate that those individuals with long-term phone contracts have the legal right to discontinue the relationship with their service provider based on the rate increase. The company stated that clients who signed on after April 29, will not be affected by the rate increase. Virgin Media has also said that its priority service, Oomph, subscribers will be unaffected by the change.  

Virgin Media hopes to attract new customers with connection speeds over 500 Mbps, welcome discounts, and where available, ‘Ultrafast Fibre Plus 2’ broadband. The current cost of the company’s “Big Bundle” package is approximately $47 per month (with a $44 set-up fee).

July 11, 2019

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