NPS Takes 5G to the Seven Seas


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AT&T announced that in partnership with the Naval Postgraduate School, it’s taking 5G and edge computing to the high seas. The two entities said they’re seeking connectivity solutions that will provide benefits to a range of users from national defense providers to recreational boaters.

A three-year Collaborative Research and Development Agreement has been set up for the two parties to research and test various digital capabilities. Under scrutiny will be applications including artificial intelligence, data analytics, Internet of Things, machine learning, robotics, and smart base solutions. The ultra-fast, low latency 5G networking and edge computing capabilities that AT&T promises to provide will be put to the test in a maritime environment. 

Actual research will be conducted at Camp Roberts in South Monterey County, California in conjunction with the Naval Postgraduate School’s Sea Land Air Military Research program. Areas of study will include both manned and unmanned vessels and how connectivity responds far from land. 

“Innovation occurs at the seams and intersections of practice and expertise and NPS provides an innovation hub where this applied 5G research can occur,” stated Retired Vice Admiral Ann Rondeau, President Naval Post Graduate School. “AT&T’s experience with the existing 5G infrastructure on the Monterey Peninsula will facilitate our collaboration on the next generation of mobile networks. By working alongside experts from our faculty and industry partners, we can apply the operational experience of our graduate students to accelerate and enhance research into 5G-related naval maritime capabilities.” 

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