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NXGVenues has decades of experience with in-building site development, understands the challenges inherent throughout the process, and offers a turnkey solution for signal deployment. With nearly 40 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, Greg Belsaas, Chief Executive Officer, founded NXGVenues in 2018 to remedy pain points in the process of deploying in-building coverage. 

“I began my connection with telecommunications in the Marine Corps nearly four decades ago,” said Belsaas. “That venture turned into being hands-on in the evolution of communications. From two-way radio to 900 MHz two-way text and private carrier pager networks, to launching the OG GSM alliance network across the U.S.”

“I was fortunate enough to oversee the T-Mobile team involvement in deploying some of the first in-building wireless networks in the U.S. House of Representatives and the United States Senate. During my time, I have observed hundreds of deployments and the many challenges that occur. I set out to build a model that makes the process more equitable and feasible for everyone involved,” added Belsaas. 

These challenges motivated Belsaas and his team to develop a turnkey process to simplify the Connectivity As A Service (CAAS) model and partner with clients to make it all easier. Joining Belsaas to carry out NXGVenues’ mission are fellow leaders Aleksey Kurochkin, Chief Operations Officer and Founder, and Omar Houari, Managing Partner and Founder. Kurochkin was previously the executive director at Bechtel Corporation, where he planned and managed the first nationwide deployment for AT&T of the Global Mobile Standard, followed by 3G and 4G rollouts. Houari has nearly two decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, having also founded Pramira Inc., which helped deploy some of the first U.S. LTE networks in metro areas.

So how do these leaders bring their collective expertise to the table to better serve clients? According to Belsaas, “We ‘de-risk’ the process for our customers by offering a full Service Level Agreement, a turnkey solution, working capital, plus return on investment.”

Here’s how: 

Capital Investment: “De-risking” The Process

NXGVenues provides the capital for building out 5G, in-building networks, ensuring customers aren’t spending money on an asset that will not be leveraged or used to its full capabilities. The objective is to provide the capital to allow clients to develop and deploy networks that meet their needs under professional standards, plus scale and standardize services across their portfolio. In our unique model, we plan for and provide capital infusions needed along the way to avoid obsolescence. “We want to provide a pathway for clients to deploy what they need instead of what they can fund. We want to help them build out the networks that meet their objectives,” Belsaas added.

Turnkey Process

The NXGVenues team handles the process — coordinating with all third parties involved to deploy 5G, in-building networks. The team also provides support, maintenance, integration, updating plus end-user devices, and connectivity beyond the initial build-out. 


Connectivity is now seen as a fourth utility, and patrons everywhere are demanding it. That’s why NXGVenues works with various industries, including Real Estate (cities), Medical Facilities (hospitals), and Hospitality (hotels) to deliver services that provide additional functionality for a property plus produce a return on investment. 

“We offer programs to help clients monetize the data in their system. We’ll handle the process and provide a revenue share return on investment,” said Belsaas. “There are significant benefits available, including scaling across multiple properties and leveraging the power of the entire portfolio.” Belsaas explained that NXGVenues works with clients to help directly monetize work for their customers, instead of spending money to allow others, like carriers, to reap the benefits.

NXGVenues’ Services

“NXGVenues is so invested in this industry and our customers that we’ll take on the risk – and that gives us skin in the game. We must perform, or we lose. In my opinion, that makes us the best kind of partner, 100 percent committed,” Belsaas added.

NXGVenues offers:

  • Source of private LTE Certified Professional Installer for CBRS Alliance Networks
  • Capitalization of resources for deployment, if necessary
  • Site acquisition services to help with internal processes
  • RF engineering services
    • IBWave design
    • Benchmarking
    • Testing & acceptance
  • Bandwidth, fronthaul, or backhaul coordination

NXGVenues is in Tustin, California, and is a Certified Professional Installer for CBRS Alliance Networks. For more information or to contact a representative, visit www.nxgvenues.com.

By Keara Piekanski for Inside Towers

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