Officials Devise Three-Phase Project for Broadband Buildout


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Residents and businesses are seeking enhanced broadband options in Purcellville, so Vice Mayor Karen Jimmerson and Council Member Nedim Ogelman are exploring alternative options, reported the Blue Ridge Leader.

At a recent Town Council meeting, Jimmerson said, “Our mantra remains that Purcellville will not be a spectator in the Internet of Things era and broadband economy. We want to be an enabler in it, as the hub of western Loudoun. Our businesses and citizens deserve and need to experience the fastest, most consistent, and most reliable possible access to the Internet.”

Jimmerson and Ogelman’s proposed project is a three-phase approach. Phase I outlines an antenna that will blend in with existing light poles, providing the least disruption to the small-town feel and character. The plan includes strategic locations to avoid antennae placement based solely on functionality, according to the Leader.

For Phase II, constructing a tower at the wastewater treatment plant is planned, and for Phase III, a tower near the train station, concealed by a roof on one of the taller buildings is envisioned. According to Jimmerson and Ogelman, the project will also generate revenue for the town. 

July 12, 2019

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