Ohio Issues RFI Regarding Digital Infrastructure Assets and Strategy


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Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted’s announced an RFI last Thursday designed to look at options that would bring broadband access to “underserved Ohioans.” The RFI considers the possibility of opening the rights-of-way along ODOT-maintained state highways and to broadband providers in exchange for private investment that improves access to rural communities. These state-owned right-of-way corridors provide significant value that could potentially be leveraged to the benefit of Ohioans living in areas that still lack access to high-speed internet.

“Lack of access to high-speed internet can stand in the way of our ability to do business, to obtain an education, or even to access emergency services,” said Governor Mike DeWine. “My administration is serious about improving broadband connectivity to corners of Ohio that have been left behind. We want ideas from businesses, both large and small, community leaders, and anyone with an idea for how we can start making real progress on this issue.” 

“You can’t be a part of the modern economy and education system without access to high-speed internet,” said Lt. Governor Jon Husted, who is also Director of InnovateOhio. “In some parts of Ohio, the marketplace is not solving the issue on its own, so we are pushing it into action and asking the private sector to work with us to help the people in these areas. By leveraging public assets, we can get people access to the technology infrastructure they need to succeed.”

The RFI will be open to receive responses for 21 days.

June 24, 2019

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