One Neighbor’s Complaint Forces Review Process For Tower

A proposed 80-foot tower is being opposed by one neighbor (yes, only one) in Wiggins, CO, reported the Fort Morgan Times, over safety, health, and aesthetic concerns. Roggen Enterprise Broadband is seeking a conditional use permit to construct the self-supporting tower to bring high-speed wireless broadband to businesses and residential customers. The permit is required due to the height of the tower – 80-feet instead of the maximum permitted height of 50 feet.

The decision whether to grant the permit will be made by the Morgan County Board of Commissioners due to an impending change in the Wiggins skyline. The proposed tower will replace an existing communications facility located at Wiggins Grain Elevator, which is set to be demolished soon. If the new tower is not built before that demolition, 150 customers will lose service, according to the County Board. 

Because of objections received by a neighbor on adjoining property to the proposed site, “…the application must now go through the public hearing process.” Alternatively, several business owners in Wiggins have submitted letters of support for the tower, asking Roggen “to keep and continue the broadband service many of us utilize each and every day.” Plus, eight letters were sent to property owners around the proposed site, who signed and returned the document to the county with their stamp of approval.

The public hearing is scheduled to occur this week.

October 4, 2017                 


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