Optima Telecom Focuses on Network Optimization, Rolls with Industry Changes


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Behind those shiny, fancy gadgets that we operate on a daily basis is a complex world of real time statistical data analysis that makes such devices run.  This is the world in which Optima Telecom thrives. The Canadian-based company helps wireless carriers manage, monitor and operate their wireless networks.

“We provide remote access solutions for telecom carriers,” said Optima Telecom’s Ralf Doewich. “We provide them with the whole package, so they can manage their own networks more effectively.”

Optima Telecom provides tools and products that help wireless carriers track network performance and operations. Their products include access, monitoring and sensory tools to help drill-down into all aspects of a network’s performance. Doewich, who has been a part of the Optima team for nearly 18 years now, talked about how Optima helps carriers with the data its tools collect.

“We collect and graph it, then put it in a central platform,” Doewich said. “Carriers can look at those statistics and see the overall performance of their networks.” 

Optima’s product line includes tools that enable carriers to increase the connectivity of their networks, with things like consoles and routers; monitor networks for alarms and abnormalities; and even sense environmental changes to equipment to protect devices from freezing or overheating.

Doewich said the company works closely with the carriers to optimize their product line for solutions their customers are looking for, something especially true in the research and development department.

“We usually have a close relationship with the carriers, because by the time they come to us we know they’ve been talking to all the big fellas in the industry and they probably didn’t get what they needed, so they are looking for more customized solutions,” Doewich said, highlighting the tailored solutions the company offers.

Doewich has seen several changes throughout his nearly two decades at the company, but one of the biggest, is the prominence and focus given to wireless networks. This is due to the growing ubiquity of wireless technology, which has prompted carriers to be more vigilant and proactive in network maintenance.

“Nowadays, they really want to know where they are in real time,” Doewich said. “They want to be proactive rather than reactive. Instead of waiting for interruptions in their networks, they want to take action before things go sideways.”

By Ben Horvath, Inside Towers

June 21, 2017     

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