Over Singapore’s Sea and Sky, Drones Flex 4G/5G Muscles


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The Singapore Maritime Drone Estate will host a round of drone trials designed to test how the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operate in real-world environments. The project is a joint venture between Singaporean operator M1 and Airbus, reports USA Weekly. The Infocomm Media Development Authority and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore will help oversee the trials. 

“By bringing together the strong domain expertise of both M1 and Airbus, this partnership serves as a real test bed for shaping the future of Urban Air Mobility technologies by utilizing advanced 5G SA network,” said M1 CEO Manjot Singh Mann. He also stated his belief that the trials will offer “a real testbed for shaping the future of urban air mobility technologies by utilizing advanced 5G standalone network.”  

Throughout the trials, both 4G and 5G capabilities will be assessed. The geo-location positioning features will be under surveillance during all phases of unmanned aircraft systems flights so the network-based data can be evaluated. M1 expects the results will prove its cellular technology will be more precise than current GPS technologies. M1 will also study data measuring the performance and coverage of mobile networks, as well as learning more about network parameter optimization and the implementation of interference minimization methods. 

Airbus will rely on its history of safe flying to help guide the UAVs being monitored, according to Isabel Del Pozo De Poza, Airbus’s head of unmanned traffic management. The gathered information, “will establish key cellular 5G performance metrics and requirements to enable unmanned aircraft systems to safely integrate and fly in national airspace systems,” he stated. 

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