Pandemic Puts SmartPhone Sales on Hold


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Due to delays in manufacturing and shipping as the human population continues to deal with COVID-19 outbreak, shipments of smartphones will fall far below pre-COVID expectations. 2020 is predicted to see an 11.9 percent decline in worldwide smartphone shipments, reports Telecompaper

The biggest hit should come in the first half of the year, with production and distribution rising as individuals, and the global economy, begins to recover. Under the current timeline, growth is not expected to resume until the first quarter of 2021. 

As a nation at the front end of the recovery curve, China may only experience single digit losses for 2020 as it struggles back to its feet. The recovery, while slow, is already underway as factories in China have tentatively resumed operations. Leading researchers predict that even with restrictions still in place, the smartphone market in that country is on the upswing. 

European countries that were hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic are projected to be slower to recover. Double digit losses could reflect the impact of the virus on the region. However, market analysts suggest that smart strategizing, like flagship launches and a stronger e-commerce presence, could help boost smartphone sales in countries like Italy and Spain. 

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