Paradise Lost and Found


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Paradise Valley, California needs better wireless coverage, yet working with both the geography and the residents has been an ongoing, unresolved issue, according The town took a shot at addressing the situation back in 2011, hiding 42 distributed antenna system components in faux cacti yet inadequate cell service has remained a problem.

The current mayor elect, Jerry Bien-Willner, currently leads a task force of four local residents who are working with AT&T, Crown Castle, Sprint, and T-Mobile to come up with a plan to improve their connectivity. 

As a tourist destination, the town is very concerned with aesthetics.  The mountainous terrain further limits options and available land does not always match up with the areas that need the service.

As Bien-Willner explains, “We took a different approach, which was to reach out to (the) industry, get them involved, really be open to the industry, sharing with them our aesthetic concerns and our other limitations, if you want to call them that, but also requesting that feedback and looking for solutions.”  

The task force also canvassed the town for suggestions and reactions, asking residents about the possibility of placing smaller cell structures on their properties to improve service.  “When we shared that, started talking about that with the industry they were extremely excited, and they want to be connected,” Bien-Willner said.  

Any decisions will also need to line up with the town’s wireless ordinances. The task force pondered the limitations of the ordinances and speculated about expanding their guidelines.  Wireless carriers expressed their concerns regarding timetables. It seems that all parties are eager to bring connectivity to the town and are moving towards solutions that will be beneficial to the wireless carriers, the townsfolk, and the tourists, all of whom want reliable cell service in Paradise Valley.

December 20, 2018

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