Parents Plan To Abandon Church’s School If 5G is Installed


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Parents and parishioners are advocating for the removal of a cell tower hidden in the steeple of St. Christopher Catholic Church, which also houses a school. Opponents are concerned over radiation and are imploring the Catholic Diocese of San Jose, who began leasing space on the tower in 1999, to take it down.

 KNTV reported the tower was recently upgraded with 4G technology, which some parishioners fear could be emitting more radiation.

“Until the evidence is established that cell tower radiation isn’t harmful to our children, cell towers like the one at the church steeple at St. Chris should be removed,” parent John Conway said. 

Two years ago, one child was diagnosed with leukemia and was pulled from the school. Four other families followed suit. Now, up to 50 families are threatening that if 5G is added to the tower, they will remove their children from the school.

The diocese said it established a task force of medical and technology experts to study the parents’ concerns and will hold a community meeting next week to release the results, according to KNTV. Parents don’t have high hopes and feel the results will favor the diocese. “I don’t understand why the diocese would put profits over the safety of our children,” Conway said.

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