Parking Lots and Monopalms Seal the Deal for Verizon Site


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The Signal Hill City Council (CA) approved a new 4G Verizon Wireless “monopalm” tower to improve service, including emergency preparedness and response, in both Signal Hill and Long Beach. The Council granted Sequoia Deployment Services a conditional use permit to construct the 83-foot tower on behalf of Verizon, reported the Signal Tribune.  

According to Associate Planner Ryan Agbayani, the tower will improve service to “the Zinnia workforce housing, Signal Hill Elementary to the east, and Long Beach residential dwellings to the south and west.” Agbayani added that both AT&T and T-Mobile each have a monopalm in the vicinity.  

The Tribune reported the new Verizon facility would have 12, eight-foot panel antennas, 12 remote radio units, three surge protectors, a four-foot microwave dish, three equipment cabinets, and a 15-kilowatt standby generator. 

Another project stipulation, according to Agbayani, requires 21 parking stalls near the site. This matter stalled the project early on in 2018, since the initial proposal could not ensure the necessary parking. In 2019, Verizon chose a new site (the currently proposed one) and polled neighbors regarding the project. The Planning Commission also conducted a public workshop and hearing to solicit feedback on the tower; no public concerns were communicated.  

Councilmember Lori Woods commended the new Verizon 4G tower the council approved Tuesday. “It will prevent my calls from dropping as I drive up Cherry Avenue,” she said. 

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