Pennsylvania Vocal Locals Outshout Verizon and AT&T


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A bill to pave the way for 4G and 5G antenna installations, was on its way to a vote in the Pennsylvania House. Unions and municipal organizations banded together to speak against it, and the measure was rescheduled and later cancelled, reports House Consumer Affairs Committee Chair, Brad Roae, said the bill will likely resurface in the fall.

 Verizon and AT&T support the small cell antenna bill, which would loosen regulations for both 4G and 5G services. Roae previously stated he believes local officials don’t want the legislation to pass because their current situation allows them to force the wireless carriers to pay high fees. Passing the bill would lower fees for the telecom providers.

In response, municipal representatives claim the telecoms must adhere to strict zoning regulations in order to preserve the charm of their communities. They also said installations in their towns do not necessarily match the FCC’s goal of extending coverage to rural areas.  

 AFL-CIO Chapter President Rick Bloomingdale, said the legislation did not include safety or training provisions that would protect the workers hired to install the antennas.  

June 27, 2019

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