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screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-11-16-00-pmPerfect10 Wireless is a relatively new division of Perfect Vision Manufacturing. The parent company has been in business for 40 years and manufactures about 800 pieces of equipment and cabling for the satellite television business. It also manufactures a complete steel component line and cable accessories for the broadband wireless industry.

One thing that makes Perfect10 Wireless unusual is that it’s both a distributor and a manufacturer, according to Director of Sales and Marketing Chris Pleibel. “We represent about 100 manufacturers that support any type of infrastructure construction,” he tells Inside Towers. The company sells products like RF cable and antennas, civil infrastructure material like grounding, ground wire, ground bars — essentially all the tooling necessary to support contractors, according to Pleibel.

perfect10-chris-pleibel-headshotPerfect10 Wireless manufactures and distributes products such as cable snap-in’s, hose clamps, zip ties, sector frames and monopole mounts, cable ladders and ice bridges for antenna mounting solutions and cable routing. The company provides a complete line of safety and test equipment as well.  

“A contractor can utilize Perfect 10 for almost all materials required to build a cell site,” said Pleibel.  From its six warehouses, “we can deliver to about 90 percent of the country in one day,” says Pleibel. The warehouses are located in: Little Rock, AR, Chicago, IL, Fontana, CA, Orlando, FL, Harrisburg, PA and Portland, OR.

One of the company’s newest and most popular products is the L.I.F.E. Mounts. It integrates a 10K tie off point for installers, the only mount that offers this feature.

The PerfectVision Manufacturing monopole L.I.F.E. Mounts can support current and future loading, according to Pleibel. “All other manufacturers have to put a secondary collar and brace kit under the platform to support the antenna’s vertical load. Our mounts don’t require that. We can handle current and future loading without an additional brace kit.”

This saves the installer, tower owner and carrier time and money because it speeds installation time. “It’s less steel on the tower. It weighs less and there’s less wind surface area,” says Pleibel.

The company says the device is built for longevity, with a fail-safe design and engineered for quick assembly. “It’s safer for the installer.” PerfectVision is manufacturing this mount and Perfect10 Wireless is distributing it.

Sales are increasing each day. In some cases, engineers are specifying the L.I.F.E. Mounts on their construction drawings he says. The current FCC auction of television broadcast spectrum may present opportunities for Perfect10. Pleibel says he’s having conversations with someone who would head-up the broadband wireless deployment project using this spectrum for a major telecom carrier.

Perfect10 Wireless launched in November, 2014. Go to to download the product catalog.

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