Personnel Ch, Ch, Changes at FCC


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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced two new additions to his office, three departures, and an expanded role for one of his current advisors.

C. Sean Spivey is joining Pai’s office as Wireless and International Advisor, replacing Aaron Goldberger, who is returning to the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. Allison Baker is joining Pai’s office as Economic Advisor. The Chairman’s current Rural Broadband Advisor Preston Wise is taking on an expanded portfolio as the new Wireline Advisor, replacing Nirali Patel, who is returning to the Wireline Competition Bureau.

Melissa Kirkel, who has been on detail in Pai’s office as Special Counsel focusing on wireline issues, also is returning to the Wireline Competition Bureau. These changes went into effect Monday.  

“I continue to be impressed by the depth of talent we have at the FCC and the number of outstanding public servants who are willing to take on new challenges when asked to serve,” said Pai. “Sean is a highly esteemed telecommunications expert, and his proven track record of legal and policy work on complex wireless issues will be a great asset to our team. Allison is an outstanding economist, and I look forward to working closely with her to continue implementing policies that will promote investment, innovation, and competition. I’m also grateful to Preston for his willingness to take on an expanded role and continue his excellent work to expand broadband deployment in rural America.” 

Chairman Pai added: “I also want to take a moment to thank two outstanding colleagues whom I am sad to see depart our office: Nirali Patel and Aaron Goldberger. Nirali’s incredible work on vital and complex issues like establishing 988 as the three-digit number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, ensuring a successful transition of the local number portability administrator contract, and addressing national security threats to our nation’s communications network supply chain has been critical in helping the Commission advance the public interest.” 

“As for Aaron,”  added Pai, “with skill and patience, he has led our massive and complex wireless and international policy agendas, excelling at every task put before him. Aaron’s work has been critical to our efforts to free up more spectrum for 5G, including the incredibly complex C-band proceeding, and WiFi, including the 6 GHz proceeding.”

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