Plattsburgh School Board OKs Verizon Small Cells: “Science is On Our Side”

Vital statistics: Verizon pays $4,200/yr for two locations and $4,200 one-time bonus
Despite expected pushback from voices in the community warning of the supposed health risks associated with cell antennas, the Plattsburgh City School Board (New York) voted 6 to 2 in favor of approving a lease agreement with Verizon, allowing the company to install base stations and OMNI antennas on two locations owned by the School District, reports the Press Republican.

Verizon will pay $4,200 per year for use of both locations—the Plattsburgh High School as well as the district’s Bus Garage—along with a $4,200 one-time signing bonus of the contract. The initial deal is for 10 years with a ten-year option at the end of the first term.
Kyle Ford, a parent of a child in the school district, presented information to the board twice warning of a possible link between cancer and cell phone radiation.

“There seems to be a growing body of evidence from researchers around the world that at least correlate the idea (that) given a stronger intensity antenna and given closer proximity, risks of numerous cancers increase,” Ford said.

Ford’s presentation triggered more research from the School Board, but they found no such link between cancer and antenna radiation, citing evidence from several sources to address Ford’s claims. These sources included the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health and Organization and the district’s medical director who conducted research on the topic.

“I thought it was pretty convincing that science is on our side to approve the contract,” said Board member Rod Sherman.

February 17, 2017


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