Plenty of Carrier Space Left on Ridgefield, CT Tower


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What if they built a tower and no one came? Well, that’s not exactly the case with Danbury, CT-based Homeland Towers’ two-month-old tower in Ridgebury, but close. AT&T is on the tower,  the area’s tallest of eight towers, and it is filling in with full-signal an area popularly known as a blackout zone, while the tower owner waits for T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon to climb aboard.

“They certainly know about it and are interested in it, but we have no definitive word,” said Ray Vergati, manager of development for Danbury-based Homeland Towers, which hopes to lease space to as many cell carriers as possible. Homeland partnered with AT&T on the 150-foot tower, according to the Ridgefield Press. “From our standpoint, we want to see as many cell carriers as possible up there.”

The Town of Ridgefield is reportedly almost ready to put its emergency communications equipment on the tower and that should happen in the spring. “We know they’ll come,” said Vergati, “but we just don’t know when.”

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