PPE: A Great Fit for Women on the Job


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Women taking their place on construction sites and road crews have discovered that while the job may be a great fit, the safety gear is not always a comfortable match. As T&D World reports, outfitter Radians has addressed this gap, designing PPE wear that is tailored for women.

“Radians is excited about expanding our women’s PPE line, which will make it easier for safety pros to consider the unique needs of women in construction, manufacturing, and transportation,” said Nicole Novick, high-visibility product manager for Radians. “PPE that fits accelerates compliance and contributes to happy and productive workers.”  

The Radians safety attire features smaller arm holes and less excess material that can endanger a worker when it gets caught on a protuberance. “Most of us are aware that outfitting women in men’s PPE increases safety risks because ill-fitting clothing can catch on equipment, which often contributes to slips, trips, and falls,” said Novick. 

“Designed by women for women, the SV6W-2 and the SV63W were thoughtfully constructed to fit women better, which will help mitigate some of the risks that occur from wearing men’s workwear,” said Novick, adding, “Both surveyor vests are Type R with two-tone trim and a solid front and a mesh back. The SV6W-2 is a Class 2 vest, whereas the SV63W is a Class 3.”

The Radians high visibility vests have generous pockets, including one large enough to hold a large cell/radio. The Radians safety line for women also includes appropriately sized gloves, heated jackets, and safety glasses. Men who appreciate items in pink might also be interested in the pink ear guards, cooling wraps, and eye protection that is now available.

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