Prayer and Research Goes Into Monopine Build Out


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White River Christian Church (WRCC) entered a deal with Lendlease to permit a 170-foot, 5G monopine to be constructed on their property, reported The Times. According to Scott Alexander, WRCC executive pastor, “The project was approved by the White River Board of Elders after seven months of prayer and research.”

However, with the tower’s location only 40 feet from a neighboring organic berry and flower farm, owners Krysty-An and Charlie Spartz fought back.

The couple sent emails, attended meetings and gathered research, trying to do everything possible to make their voices heard. The Spartzs’ wanted to be good neighbors to the church, but believed that the placement of a 5G cell tower anywhere on the church property would be devastating to their business, their property value and way of life, reported The Times.   

The Spartz’s found research claiming 94 percent of people are less interested in purchasing property near a cell tower. Additionally, there were perceived health concerns with the 5G tower, including potential danger due to shorter wavelengths.

In a turn of events, WRCC senior pastor Tim Brock announced a change of heart regarding the tower. “Our leadership team, after prayerful deliberation, has decided to withdraw our petition…involving the installation of the Verizon cell tower,” Brock said. “Our attorney and representatives from Lendlease have all been notified today that we are withdrawing our petition to the city.”

A follow-up letter distributed to the church from the Board of Elders, stated: “The board, in a spirit of being a good neighbor, has therefore decided to withdraw from the cell tower contract.”

”We are certainly glad that it is over,” Charlie Spartz said, according to The Times.

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February 8, 2019   

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