Program Boosts Private 5G Network Flexibility


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The Bring Your Own RAN™ (BYORAN™) program, just introduced by Athonet, gives enterprises a private network with flexibility to meet their specific needs. IT managers can control the private network from a single cloud-based dashboard, the company said.

 The Athonet cloud-based private network management system allows a company to choose its own radio, but also enables it to run different radios concurrently in its private network. For example, a different radio may be used indoor compared to outdoor to hit the required coverage and performance targets.  

“Providing options in how private networks are deployed and managed will be a key to this growth and adoption,” Kyung Mun, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts, said. “Organizations are looking at best-of-breed but need integrated private LTE and 5G solutions, which makes the concept of ‘Bring Your Own RAN’ appealing.”

Many radio vendors have already been tested for interoperability and their respective management tools have been integrated into the portal. The program is open to all radio vendors.

Private networks are built and managed with the private network management dashboard, which can be located adjacent to the core on premise or hosted in the cloud. 

Over the next five years, the global private LTE and private 5G network market will grow at a rate of 40.9 percent CAGR in terms of revenue, according to Market Insights Report.  

By J. Sharpe Smith Inside Towers Technology

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