Proposed Tower in “Heart of Community” Doesn’t Get All The Feels


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A special-use permit requested by Incline Partners, LLC and needed for the construction of a 112-foot cell tower, is slated to go before a Washoe County (Nevada) review board next month, reported the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

More than five months after the project first became public, it remains a point of controversy among residents, with concerns ranging from potential health impacts, to the need for improved bandwidth, particularly during peak visitation times. According to Washoe County Planner Julee Olander, this special-use permit is based on the applicant’s ability to show there is a need for improved cell coverage.

John Petersen of Incline Partners LLC argued there is a need for improved cell coverage and that the tower could carry up to four carrier antennas. Petersen told the Citizen Advisory Board he’s received interest from the major carriers about getting on the tower.

“We would be crazy to spend $300,000 on a tower that people aren’t interested in,” Petersen remarked.   

Several members of the public spoke in favor of the tower, arguing that the area needs greater wireless capacity, and the matter can be a public safety issue, especially during peak times. However, the bulk of those who spoke at the recent CAB meeting, echoed previous concerns about possible health impacts and the aesthetics of the tower, reported the Tribune.

Some residents complained about the proposed tower location being right in the “heart of the community.” Petersen, who said this project has been in the works for roughly three years, said they looked at other sites but the proposed site was the best fit.

As a next step, the board will consider the special-use permit. If the applicant wants to move forward, they will be required to obtain building permits as well, reported the Tribune.  Comments? Email Us.

March 19, 2019

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