Proposed Tower on Hallowed Ground Is a Pet Peeve for Some


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The much beloved residents of a cemetery in Kent, WA are being ardently defended by their survivors from the prospect of a tower looming over their graves. The single names on the markers are “Brownie,” “Spike,” “Rolf” and “Gertie.” Their final resting place is a mixed-use pet cemetery that is also the intended site of a 100-foot cell tower, according to KIRO-TV. Humans, who could not bear the thought of leaving their pet, are also interred there.

“This tall, this intruding, invasive and not a good sight in a cemetery where we come to pray for our pets that have gone to heaven,” said Dana Yang from Issaquah.

“We know that we have humans and we have pets and a canine officer, at least one,” said Jule Seitz, who is leading the campaign to have the Department of Licensing remove what they believe is a desecration of sacred space. “And we are trying to protect their graves. We’re hurt. And we’re angry, too.” 

The Department of Licensing is looking into the matter as they are unsure as to whether they actually have any jurisdiction in this matter, noted a spokesperson from the organization.

Although referred to as the Seattle Pet Cemetery, pet cemeteries are not licensed in the state of Washington. The cremated remains of humans do meet state guidelines for acceptable occupants. However, King County officials provoked petitioners further when they rejected the complaint and called the land in question “a landfill.”

“That makes no sense,” longtime resident, Dennis Jaraczeski, told KIRO-TV. “All you have to do is walk out and see a sight that’s been here for 70 years. And there are humans along with the pets here. So it has a long historical history of it being a cemetery.”

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