PT Access Networks Changes Name to PeakNet, a Duke Energy Joint Venture


PT Attachment Solutions, LLC (dba PT Access Networks) and Duke Energy’s Charlotte-based wireless infrastructure team have joined forces under a new brand: PeakNet.  

PeakNet, LLC, a Duke Energy Joint Venture provides comprehensive wireless siting solutions – including macro site co-locations, small cell attachments, and build-to-suit monopoles. The company manages every stage of the process from site acquisition, to structure analysis, engineering, zoning and permitting, construction management, and ongoing upgrades and maintenance.     

“Our primary focus is to be a one-stop wireless siting provider, helping carriers and municipalities use and benefit from existing Duke Energy utility infrastructure and real estate to build stronger, next-generation networks in our communities,” said Allan Bakalar, Vice President and General Manager. 

“With access to Duke Energy’s utility structures and real estate holdings we are able to find competitive solutions to tough siting challenges,” said Michael Whitley, Vice President of Business Development.

“We have millions of potential sites—many in the toughest areas to zone. We offer a diverse range of existing utility structures for co-location throughout our service area as alternatives to building new towers. Our extensive real estate portfolio helps us meet the growing 5G demands of our customers while reducing the proliferation of wireless structures.”

December 5, 2018

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