Puerto Rican Carrier Liberty Triples Revenue Under AT&T


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Since incorporating AT&T’s wireless and wireline operations in the fall of 2020, Liberty Puerto Rico has seen an upswing in revenue, reports NewsIsMyBusiness.com. Liberty’s 5G service currently reaches 95 percent of the population in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. According to the financial report, the AT&T onboarding move last October has resulted in a 245 percent increase in profits.

“We’re very happy with the way the transition is going,” said Liberty Puerto Rico CEO Naji Khoury. “The numbers for this quarter show we’re headed in a good direction. We’re very grateful for our customers who are showing their trust and will continue to see how much more we can offer them under the Liberty brand.”  

Liberty Puerto Rico is now going forward with co-branding efforts with AT&T Mobility, displaying both company’s logos in stores, mobile services communications and advertising. Liberty has also opened its first one-stop facility. The center includes sales and service operations for its mobile, video, digital telephony, and broadband internet, all in one location.

The report of Liberty’s growth in revenue generating unit additions, subscribers and income show a surge of over 25,000 additions in just the last quarter. Liberty notes that while the amount of prepaid subscribers remained steady, its postpaid customer base saw a large increase. Liberty attributes public interest to the success of its high-speed data connectivity solutions and phone and service plans.

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