Radio Frequency Systems Inc.


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David Kiesling – Business Unit, Vice President

David KieslingRadio Frequency Systems (RFS) is a global designer and manufacturer of products for towers, including cable, antennas, active and passive RF conditioning modules, and everything else that goes on a tower. It provides RF systems for cell-based mobile communications, television, radio, radio link networks and more.

What started out as a cable company in Germany in 1900, now has eight manufacturing facilities around the world, five research and development centers in five different countries and more than 30 sales offices and technical support centers in more than 20 countries. RFS has cutting-edge engineering capabilities, field support and innovative product design and is now headquartered in Meriden, CT.

“We manufacture all of our own products, and we are focused on our products,” said David Kiesling, business unit vice president. “When contractors are building a tower, they want all the parts and they want them quickly, and we provide that.”  

RFS serves the wireless companies directly and has products for towers of all sizes. It serves distributors, system integrators and operators, and installers in the broadcast, wireless communications, land mobile and microwave markets. Solutions cover base stations and microwave antennas to diplexers and triplexers, feeders, jumpers and more.

As more companies move to 5G, Kiesling said RFS is actively involved in standards committees about the future.

“RF is everywhere when you consider 5G, it’s not just mobile anymore.” he said. “It can cover anything under the sun. It’s the way of connecting.”

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