RED Takes Over White Spaces Database


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The FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology officially transferred control of the agency’s White Spaces database from Nominet UK to RED Technologies after the companies’ did so. RED said it looks forward to working with the Commission to support expanded broadband connectivity and innovative new uses of spectrum through TV White Spaces technology.

The companies told the agency that like Nominet, RED Technologies is a “highly experienced operator of spectrum access systems.” RED is represented on the Board of Directors of Winn Forum and has applications pending before the FCC to serve as both a Citizens Broadband Radio Service Spectrum Access System administrator and environmental sensing capability network provider.

In Europe, RED is an enabler of Licensed Shared Access and has begun piloting its cloud-based solution in major European markets. 

The FCC and the companies say the transfer of control will not affect the way existing or future White Space equipment connects to the database. In addition, how the public queries the database or registers protected entity locations won’t change.

Part 15 of the Commission’s rules permits unlicensed intentional radiators to operate on available channels in the broadcast television bands, the 600 MHz service band, the 600 MHz duplex gap, and in channel 37.1 The unused spectrum in these bands is commonly called “White Spaces.” Unlicensed devices operating in the white spaces provide broadband data and other services. To prevent interference to protected users, White Spaces devices must include a geo-location capability and the ability to access a database, which provides a list of available frequencies at the device’s location. The white spaces database also registers protected facilities’ locations.

The Commission designated Nominet the White Spaces database administrator in 2018.

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