Research Shows Consumers Demand More Mobile Network Capacity


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wia-newLocal public officials would benefit from seeing the results of a new study showing almost 100 percent of consumers use a smartphone, and 50 percent use wireless tablets. The study was commissioned by the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) and performed by iGR, a market strategy consultancy specializing in the wireless and mobile communications industry. The report “Entertainment Services: The Future Is Mobile” was published on December 20.

The WIA noted several other important features from the report. Six out of ten Americans watch videos on mobile devices every day, and 20 percent will use cellular data networks even if WiFi is available. Iain Gillott, President and Founder of iGR, summarized why these facts are important to the wireless industry. He said, “Our research found that the majority of Americans view high-speed mobile access as a necessity rather than a luxury. They expect access in all locations and at all times of the day. This expectation is only going to grow stronger and stronger in coming years.” Most consumers use their phone to watch video, which uses much more data than other functions. The result is increased demand on mobile networks, and a compulsory increase in infrastructure to expand and improve those networks.

In response, Jonathan Adelstein, a former FCC commissioner and now CEO and President of WIA, expressed the challenges the industry will face. “The big challenge facing the wireless industry today is keeping up with the wireless data crunch,” he shared. “For capacity to keep pace with this constantly growing demand, the industry is deploying more wireless infrastructure in communities around the country.” In the end, he called on local governments to take note and reduce regulations that slow progress in the industry, so carriers can do their part and provide fast, consistent wireless connections.

December 26, 2016

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