Resident Backlash Gets City to Enact a Moratorium on Towers


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The Stonecrest City Council (Georgia) is moving to enact a moratorium on cell towers after hearing from angry residents about an existing, 199-foot tower.  The Council voted to direct the city attorney to draft a 60-day moratorium on the construction of cell towers while the city re-examines the tower in question, which may have been improperly constructed on land zoned for commercial use for by a daycare.

According to Councilmember Diane Adoma, the move will give the city time to “flesh out details and legalities” about the cell tower in question and the process for building others.

Many of the residents were vocal in their opposition to the cell tower built by Vertical Bridge due to the omission of a public hearing before the tower was erected and a lack of action from the city, reported the Journal-Constitution

“What angers me more than anything is we feel like we’re walking this walk alone,” resident Lynn Goodwin told the mayor and City Council. “We wanted more from the city… We deserve more.”

Resident Phillip Kelly added, “It’s very clear that this tower was erected illegally; it’s very clear that the applicant did not disclose this information.”

Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary said he intends to support the moratorium but also acknowledged that the tower could improve cell reception. Lary added that the city’s zoning and planning officials are generally “competent and thoughtful with how they are able to handle their business,” but stressed his intent to look into the permitting process in this case.

“We are listening to you as Council and mayor, but you do have to understand there’s some legal ramifications that come across the board,” he said.

March 13, 2019

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