Residents Support School-Sited Tower in Circleville


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Pine Bush Central School District is considering adding a cell tower to Circleville, NY school district property and residents have expressed resounding support. Recent safety and health events on campus have underlined how important it is to have a good signal to summon help, reports the

Superintendent Tim Mains said, “The absence of a cell signal is a safety issue for my staff and students in my schools.”

A meeting later this month between the school district and Verizon will present more information about the proposed tower with financial remunerations still to be determined. Verizon proposed erecting a monopole with three antenna attachments, one aimed at the elementary school, another at the middle school, and the third in place for the benefit of the town. 

Approval by the school board and a satisfactory environment study would be the next steps after the proposal is approved. An outcry from residents after a basketball game that generated some crowd ugliness caused concern when poor cell service made it impossible to reach 911 for assistance. 

Mains referred to the signal as “notoriously bad.” A second incident involving a staff member who collapsed and required CPR offered a second warning flag when again, help could not be reached. The staff member later recovered, but Circleville town officials took note and took action.

October 18, 2019

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